WLH Learning Solutions helps pharmaceutical and life sciences companies develop leaders and commercial talent to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing industry. We bring industry-specific competency models, a modular curriculum that emphasizes on-the-job application, tools, and coaching to drive sustainable change and measurable improvement. For more information, please watch our brief overview video.

About WLH Learning Solutions

Who we are

We are learning and development experts focused on companies in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Through our business diagnostics expertise, scientific rigor, and partnership, we help clients drive sustainable change and measurable improvement.

Learning Solutions

Professional Alliances

WLH Consulting, Inc. works with several professional services companies who have specific expertise and systems platforms that enhance the overall client solution.  Our relationships with these organizations are long-standing and their expertise is leveraged to ensure the learning solution meets each client’s unique needs. WLH provides oversight and coordination for a seamless customer experience.

Professional Memberships

WLH Consulting, Inc. is an active member of the following professional organizations: