Stephen J. Kontra, MBA

Stephen Kontra spent 35 years in the Pharmaceutical industry, most recently serving as Vice President of Global Learning & Development for Pfizer Inc. before joining WLH in 2015. Steve has worked extensively with senior executives and executive leadership teams, bringing broad experience and deep expertise in leadership development, strategy formulation, governance, business acumen, change management, coaching, assessment, performance management, competency development, and other related subject areas.

At WLH, Steve has been an integral part of various large-scale change initiatives where he focuses on senior team alignment and execution implementation. Our clients, executives, and learning professionals value his insight, experience, and counsel when addressing learning strategy and leadership development initiatives.  Steve is a skilled facilitator and has delivered programs across the globe; having worked extensively in Latin America, Europe, and Asia during his industry career.

Recognized as an innovator throughout his career, Steve combines his significant personal experience with his formal training to develop novel solutions that blend innovation with pragmatism to ensure successful application, sustainability, and results. Steve also performed in both commercial and corporate staff positions during his time in the pharmaceutical industry and has the ability to understand strategic and financial requirements of the business, as well as related human capital needs, challenges, and tradeoffs. Specifically, during numerous merger integrations and organizational redesigns, Steve’s leadership in the learning and development function accelerated large-scale change transformation and strategic execution.

Areas of professional interest include:

  • Strengthening learning transfer, application, and sustainability
  • Measuring program effectiveness
  • Providing insightful consulting and advisory services

He holds a B.S. in Management from California Polytechnic State University, an MBA from St. Mary’s College, and a certificate from Columbia University on the Principles and Practices of Organizational Development.