A growing specialty pharmaceutical business unit recognized the need to define its leadership competencies and put in place an overall strategy for developing emerging leaders, first line leaders, and leader of leaders.  The organization knew commitment and investment in leadership were needed to obtain an advantage in an increasingly competitive and complex oncology marketplace.

Approach and Deliverables

WLH undertook a comprehensive diagnostic to gain input on the leadership vision and priorities.  The diagnostic and a review of the current approach led to a series of recommendations:

  • Define leadership behaviors by levels
  • Ensure a newly created Emerging Leadership Program would generate future leaders
  • Outline a development for all plan to engage employees and reduce retention
  • Focus on enhancing coaching skills
  • Move beyond basic leadership offerings to include specific business acumen and strategic thinking capabilities development


The organization leveraged the leadership development initiative as an overall change and cultural transformation opportunity.  The focus on aligning leadership behaviors created consistency, clarity of expectations, and engagement at all levels.  And equally important, senior executives maintained a commitment to leadership development in the face of multiple launches and pressing business challenges.

Dario Priolo

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