WLH’s involvement with a Market Access group’s transformation and competency model development included evaluating the group’s learning strategy and curriculum. Given the changes in the marketplace, the organization knew its account executives needed a higher level of business acumen and account management skills. Additionally, the organization needed to balance the amount of product and disease state knowledge given the extensive portfolio.

Approach and Deliverables

WLH worked with the learning group and field colleagues to develop an overall curriculum and an approach to meet individual learning needs. This effort empowered field directors and account executives to shore up skills needed to be more effective on-the-job and with customers.


WLH created a customized Market Access Curriculum roadmap. Directors and Account Executives leveraged the competency-based development assessment to identify strengths and development needs. In partnership, the director and account executive created individualized learning plans. Collectively, the Learning and Development function leveraged the group report to identify group needs and develop a strategy to close those needs by designing special content sessions on the evolving marketplace.

Dario Priolo

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