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Developing Talent and Leadership

Investment in Leadership Development can be a competitive differentiator that enables successful strategic execution. Executives recognize the critical importance of leadership development for building and retaining the talent necessary to power current and future business, but require flexibility to upskill efficiently and continuously to meet future demands. A blended learning solution can be viewed as part of the journey to enhance leadership capabilities within the context of the organization’s marketplace and strategic direction.

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Our Expertise

A unique combination of experience and knowledge

There are many potential partners who can design and deliver a leadership program with a focus on building foundational skills related to leadership style, coaching, and team development.  However, for the pharmaceutical industry all of these foundational leadership skills must be developed within the context of an increasingly complex and evolving healthcare marketplace.

Drawing on insight from the leadership diagnostics completed by our parent company, WLH Consulting, we’ve defined a new set of leadership competencies and strategy for building the skills and capabilities necessary for the future, representing a new paradigm in how to view leadership.



Our Audiences

WLH designs cutting edge leadership development curricula and stand-alone customized leadership programs that are grounded in best practices and adult learning principles. We partner with clients to identify specific learning objectives and determine the most effective method for teaching participants how to address “real-world” issues and develop specific action plans.

While the competencies needed are constant across all layers of leadership, the level of knowledge, skill and ability for each may differ. Our solutions offer appropriate development at all levels of your talent pipeline allowing you to build the bench of the future:

  • Emerging Leaders
  • First-line Leaders
  • Leader of Leaders
  • Executive Leaders

Leadership Excellence through Accelerated Development

Our new paradigm in leadership stems from our L.E.A.D framework which goes beyond traditional leadership ideals of understanding style and presence and how to lead and coach individuals and teams. Leaders today require the skills to lead across organizations and lead the business in order to translate strategy and guide teams with execution excellence. WLH uses our L.E.A.D framework when strategically designing learning experiences for our clients. L.E.A.D focuses on all 4 quadrants critical to success.

In each area, we have Learn.Do.Inspire learning solutions to tailor experiences for your teams.

Rx for Retention

Retaining Your Talent in Life Sciences

℞ for Retention™

As talent demands increase and talent pools tighten, organizations are investing heavily to retain existing and attract new talent. Unfortunately, despite the increased emphasis on talent management initiatives, organizations are struggling to understand why employee turnover remains high, particularly among top performing women.

This program is focused on training managers in order to:

  • Understand the factors and warning signs that impact employee retention
  • Explore the elements that contribute to strong manager-employee relationships
  • Identify employees at risk of leaving the organization
  • Practice “re-recruiting” at-risk employees and “making a save”

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