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Enhancing Business Acumen and Account Management

The healthcare industry is undergoing a rapid transformation which is impacting how all customer-facing roles perform their jobs. Now, more than ever, strong business acumen is essential to understanding the marketplace and customers’ operational, clinical, and business needs. Sales professionals are expected to know how their customers’ businesses work in order to identify opportunities, maximize resource allocation decisions, and help drive growth to meet sales goals.

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Our Curriculum

Business Acumen and Account Management Curriculum

Successful pharmaceutical companies need field teams that understand how their customer’s businesses work and the impact of marketplace trends on their decision making. Field teams are then expected to turn insights into action by maximizing resource allocations and delivering value based innovative solutions. No longer can customer-facing roles work alone. The larger complicated accounts require enhanced customer facing team collaboration skills, strategic planning, and execution capabilities that enable the team to achieve account goals.

We work with your teams to understand the knowledge gaps present and the details of existing planning tools and processes to tailor a learning program that will develop business acumen and account management capabilities of your teams.

While we have a host of knowledge and application tools ready to be part of your tailored solutions, a few samples of proven programs for success include:

P.L.A.N. Framework®

Our Areas of Expertise

P.L.A.N. for Results™

This proven program outlines a step-by-step process for evaluating the geography, prioritizing customers, and developing meaningful, actionable plans. A learning program can be tailored with a variety of our tools (examples below) and can be customized to align with existing business planning processes, portfolio/product make-up, and role requirements.


  • Business Acumen Self-Assessment
  • Business & Account Planning Templates
  • Understanding Oncology Business Models
  • Compliant documentation checklists
  • Opportunity Prioritization Grids
  • Business Review Guides

Ecosystem Market Analysis

One of our most effective tools for building Business Acumen the Ecosystem Marketplace Analysis

Available as instructor-led training or elearning, this features a step-by-step process for understanding the various factors and stakeholders impacting healthcare in a geography. Individuals learn to “connect the dots” by understanding the interdependencies among dominant stakeholders, business and economic variables, state legislation and regulations, demographics, and competitive activity.


Account Management Academy

Biopharmaceutical organizations are adjusting their go-to-market strategies to meet the demand for value-based solutions.  To effectively call on large, organized customers, organizations are now faced with the need to align on a consistent approach for strategic account management and planning.  This approach requires powerful matrix teams with developed, collaborative capabilities across multi-disciplinary, customer-facing roles.

With the right blend of tailored solutions from our Account Management Academy, WLH Learning Solutions can equip your teams for success with the skills, process, and capabilities needed to compete in today’s marketplace.

Our approach to learning solutions aligns with our proven account planning process.  The focal areas of study and skill development include:

  • Analyzing your healthcare marketplace ecosystem and the impact of healthcare trends
  • Understanding the business, clinical, and operational profile of your account
  • Identifying and understanding stakeholder value drivers
  • Enhancing disciplined collaborative planning and accountable execution

All solutions are available live or virtually


  • Ecosystem Analysis & Companion Guide
  • Account Profiling Applications & Profiling Guides
  • Identifying and Understanding Stakeholders Worksheet
  • Stakeholder Mapping Field-Based Application
  • Account Planning Templates
  • Account Team Leader Toolkit
  • Director Check-in/Coaching Guides

We are ready to partner in executing your customer re-engagement efforts and providing your field managers and teams with the support they need to be successful in a disruptive healthcare marketplace.

Let us help you Re-Engage Your Accounts

Live Account Management Simulations

This impactful approach to driving the application of skills, knowledge, processes, and tactics replicates marketplace reality and the common voice of the customer to challenge teams’ strategic thinking and problem-solving skills!

Our solution includes a modular design that leverages a blended learning approach with elements such as Pre-and Post- eLearning activities, custom classroom modules using Interactive Learning Maps™ and Competitive Sales Simulations, and E-Tools to drive application and meet defined learning objectives.

Translating Your Vision into Reality

Learning Strategy Consulting

Given the vast amount of change in the go-to-market approach many companies are making, we realize each client may be in a different stage of this evolution.

Our team of Executive Consultants are skilled at helping companies formulate/redesign their strategies and planning processes.  We translate the strategy into enhanced curriculum roadmaps by role that focus on upgrading marketplace knowledge and capabilities in business acumen, strategic planning, relationship building, teamwork, compliant communications and execution excellence.  Explore how they’ve helped others here.

Our Blended Learning Solutions Include: