Development Planning Process

Professional development is the dynamic and interactive process of unlocking one’s own potential to maximize performance and personal satisfaction.  Both the manager and the employee play critical roles in professional development. Without a clearly defined and regularly utilized development planning process the focus on meaningful development is inconsistent.

Organizations that want to move the needle know they need a comprehensive system’s perspective to upgrading their talent.  WLH partners with HR and L&D professionals to ensure their development planning processes and competency-based resources drive ownership and accountability for enhancing talent.  This includes:

  • Defining the development planning process and integrating it into current HR practices
  • Creating customized, web-based competency assessments linked to competency models
  • Providing developmental planning guides for managers and employees to prepare for meaningful development discussions
  • Linking developmental planning resources to competency models
  • Utilizing internal platforms to ensure managers and employees have access to developmental activities
  • Providing coaching as a component of blended learning programs

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