Leadership Competency Models, Assessment, and Blended Learning Solution

Our clients draw on our extensive pharmaceutical and life sciences industry-specific competency data base, plus rigorous data collection efforts to create targeted competency models, career frameworks, assessments, and development tools that fit their organization and culture.  We partner with clients to ensure managers and employees understand how to use a variety of tools to recruit, assess, coach, develop, measure, and retain talent.

Whether at the enterprise, function, or role level, an effective competency model outlines the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for successful performance.  The competency model must strike the balance of being clear and specific without being too overwhelming and difficult for managers and employees to use.

To develop a competency model, WLH will:

  • Review existing models, job descriptions, and other relevant background material
  • Collect data through personal interviews and focus groups on role requirements and what “good looks like”
  • Utilize experts to perform content and criterion validation that tests for clarity and accuracy
  • Apply expertise to create defensible competency models and development/ performance management procedures
  • Benchmark other competency models

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Competency Models

We have a library of proven competency models that have been developed specifically for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. We can tailor these models for your organization to help you advance your competency initiative quickly and efficiently, and with a high degree of confidence. Our competency models include:

  • Leadership Behaviors
  • Sales, Marketing, Market Access, and Account Management
  • Health Economics & Outcomes Research
  • Enabling Functions: HR, Learning & Development, Finance, Legal, IT
  • Animal Health Medicines

 Career Frameworks

One way to engage employees around developing and advancing their career is to help them understand how to navigate their own organization.  As organizations flatten, the typical advancement ladders no longer apply.  Instead, organizations are looking for employees to develop both breadth and depth of experiences before moving up and deepening their talent bench.   WLH approaches career framework development by gathering information, identifying options, and outlining experiences needed to advance.


  • Behavioral Based Interview Guides
  • Customized Competency-Based Assessments (web-based 360⁰, 180⁰, and self-assessments)
  • Curriculum Roadmaps
  • Development Planning Guides
  • Developmental Experiences for on-the-job learning organized by competency
  • Field Coaching Forms and Guides
  • Leader-Led Learning to Drive Competency Development

Additional Resources