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Whether you’re a large global pharmaceutical company or a growing biotech, our unique blended learning solutions can be customized to meet your needs. Our breadth of industry experience and deep subject matter expertise allow us to partner with you to understand your challenges and needs.

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Chief Learning Officers

Chief Learning Officers and Heads of Learning/Training

WLH offers strategic consultation and support to Chief Learning Officers and Heads of Learning/Training. This includes learning strategy development, curriculum design, needs assessment, organizational design, and resource deployment consultation. We are also able to provide that extra set of arms and legs to plug short term resource needs, and can serve simply as a sounding board on strategic evaluations and trade-off assessments.

Commercial Leadership

Commercial Leadership and Front-line Managers

Our work in strategic execution positions us to support blended learning solutions that enhance leadership, business acumen, change management, strategic thinking, coaching, and other core capabilities.  Our goal is to equip these leaders to translate strategy into results and make them better people managers. Our blended learning solutions and leader-led learning activities include a strong emphasis on application and sustainability, and cover a broad range of skill and competency development areas. Sales team leaders can access a wide array of mapped competencies, targeted to enhance leadership skills and provide insight into some of the latest go-to market strategies.

Account Management

Account Management Teams & Market Access Leaders

The evolving healthcare marketplace requires a comprehensive account management and market access strategy.  Account leads and team members need different skills to navigate these accounts and negotiate with a variety of stakeholders.  Teams need business acumen to work together collaboratively to identify and meet each healthcare system, payer, or other large organized customer’s unique challenges.  WLH brings extensive expertise in designing learning solutions that begin with foundational knowledge and advance to full strategic account management simulations where participants activate their skills, learn from each other, and bolster their ability to make decisions.

Sales Representatives

Sales Representatives and other Customer-Facing Roles

To be successful in the field, all customer–facing roles need a combination of clinical and business acumen.  Our expertise in business acumen and managed markets translates to blended learning solutions that support more effective planning and execution. Leaders at all levels need to be change-agile in order to anticipate marketplace trends, adapt their strategies, find innovative solutions, and inspire others while navigating change. Our learning programs help leaders to connect culture and strategy.

Pharmaceutical Employees

Pharmaceutical Employees – Across the Organization

Most of our blended learning assets support the entire pharmaceutical employee organization.  Our blended learning assets and development tools focus on change agility and execution, retaining talent, and other critical leadership capabilities that can be deployed across the organization no matter the function or level.  We partner with learning professionals and leaders to ensure utilization and deployment makes sense and impacts talent development for all.