Our approach to winning the war for talent and building leadership diversity goes beyond awareness programs to address the underlying systems, mindsets, and behaviors that can limit women in leadership. It’s about attracting, developing and promoting all talent who have the desire and capabilities to lead!

Our Integrated Approach to Success

The WILNow® team will work with you to assess the status of your current initiatives and determine your specific goals and objectives. As experienced leaders and experts in leadership development, we leverage our research and experience working with thousands of women to offer suggestions and recommendations through:


Ensure that your leadership diversity initiatives are aligned to developing the leadership capabilities and behaviors required to drive your strategic and cultural priorities.


Get an objective review of your current practices using a variety of formats including surveys, interviews, and focus groups. Our diagnostic approach and options can target all aspects of your talent management systems or specific areas including:

Searching for Talent Scan

Our Searching For Talent Scan® enables companies to get an objective review of current leadership potential practices. The process, which can be delivered in a variety of formats including surveys, interviews, and focus groups, targets a company’s approach to identifying leadership potential.

• WILNow® experts will thoroughly examine your high-potential selection process to determine the root causes that may be hampering your ability to build a diverse pool of ready now, high-potential candidates.
• Find out how your tools, training, criteria, and decision-making process are supporting or undermining your efforts to promote diverse talent.

Women in Leadership Now (WILNow®) Audit

Take an objective look at your talent practices to find specific barriers to leadership for women and identify opportunities for improvement. With our Women in Leadership Now Audit, you can:

• Take a deeper dive with a qualitative review of your existing strategies, initiatives, processes, practices, policies, metrics and programs
• Draw sound conclusions from available information on which of your practices most impact critical diversity outcomes
• Compare to current best practices and identify opportunities to improve and/or fill gaps

Stakeholder Planning Sessions

We work with you to ensure all elements of your initiative—including communication, accountabilities, supporting skills, alignment with other systems, and metrics—are clearly mapped out and ready for execution.

For a detailed description of the Women in Leadership Now program, please click to download this document.

Dario Priolo

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