Strong clinical acumen alone is not enough. Customer-facing roles need sound business acumen to understand the evolving healthcare marketplace and the impact on their business. Failure to connect the dots leads to poor planning, less than optimal execution, and missed opportunities.

Developing business acumen skills

Do your customer-facing roles have the necessary business acumen to understand your customers’ challenges – especially those related to the cost of healthcare delivery?   Business acumen is having an appreciation for how your customers and your organization make money.   Price sensitivity and reimbursement can directly or indirectly affect stakeholder’s treatment and prescribing decisions.  Failing to develop your customer-facing roles’ abilities to uncover and appreciate these challenges limits the customer engagement process.  Acumen can be developed.

Is your sales force effectively planning to optimize opportunities?    Are they missing opportunities or not adapting from lessons learned?  Is planning viewed as a check the box activity?   Do you have compliance concerns regarding plan development and documentation?  Failing to plan is planning to fail. Reaching sales performance goals cannot be left to chance or inconsistent processes.

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Developing account management skills

Are your customer-facing employees adopting an account management mindset?  Are cross-functional customer-facing roles working collaboratively with larger organized customers?  Do they know how to navigate multiple stakeholders to build access and execute the pull-through required to meet sales goals and support customer needs?  Moving to an account management mindset requires targeted skill development and behavior change.  WLH has deep experience in account management and has supported many clients with their transformations to a more integrated account management approach.

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Building market access capabilities

Talent who can develop and execute a market access strategy is in high demand.  Unfortunately, the required knowledge and skills among existing team members are often lagging.  Purposeful training and development is needed to ensure home office and field roles are equipped to develop and deliver value propositions, pricing and contracting strategies, reimbursement services, and health economics and outcomes analysis.  L&D professionals supporting Access functions welcome a partner like WLH, who understand the functional complexity and have proven solutions for developing talent in Access roles.

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