Defining Your Learning Strategy

Learning Leaders are more commonly experiencing new challenges as they seek to deliver more with less. Our Learning Strategists & Executive Consultants are equipped to help you strategize for success in the areas of :
– Maximizing your Learning Curriculum
– Minimizing time out of field with Blended learning
– Evaluating gaps in your Learning Strategy
– Moving from Training to Talent Development

Learning and development should not be episodic and reactive. A thoughtful learning strategy and curriculum architecture ensures your people possess the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to achieve results.

Moving from Training to Developing Talent

You invest in your training and development, yet skill gaps, performance challenges, and talent retention issues persist.  Your leaders are asking you to do more with less.  They are demanding more distance learning to avoid travel and time away from work costs.  L&D leaders play an instrumental role in developing talent and need to honestly assess the return on investment and impact of their training dollars. We’ve solved these challenges many times and would appreciate the opportunity to help you.

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Revisiting your Learning Curriculum

Does your curriculum align with the overall business strategy? Can managers and employees find resources that are linked to your competencies to help them close specific skill gaps?  Are you moving from a program mentality to developing talent on-the-job?  Strategic-minded learning professionals recognize that the evolving marketplace is changing and internal demands require revisiting learning curriculum. We are uniquely qualified to help you.

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Updating your Managed Care Curriculum

Do your field employees lack a basic understanding of managed care concepts?  Does your onboarding curriculum take new sales representatives from limited knowledge to a deeper understanding in an organized manner?  Not understanding managed care concepts can limit customer-facing roles’ ability to interact with key stakeholders, solve problems, and deliver effective messaging.  Partner with an organization like WLH who solved this challenge for other clients.

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Moving to Blended Learning Curriculum

Are your training offerings episodic?  Is there a need for more blended learning to drive self-discovery, on-the-job application, and management involvement?  Need to engage employees through micro-learning?  Look to a skilled and experienced partner like WLH to provide blended learning solutions in change agility and execution, business acumen, account management, and leadership development.

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Doing More with Less

All L&D functions are being asked to do more with less.  With limited resources available for internal learning design and facilitation, there is a need for managers to drive learning on their own teams through leader-led learning activities. Learn how using these innovative competency-based modular activities can help you develop more team members with fewer resources, while also building your managers’ skills and leadership capabilities.

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