Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies must develop a deep leadership pipeline to succeed in the continually evolving and complex marketplace.  It is crucial for organizations to develop leaders at all levels — from the front lines to the CEO—to ensure success.

Leadership Development programs are often times a bit more complex and customized for each individual client and situation. Frequently it takes a partnership between our Learning Strategist & Executive Consultants as we see to truly assess the situation and goal, define the necessary competencies/capabilities, deploy an integrated learning solution to address the development and finally determine how we assess them for growth and readiness. As you’ll see in the example challenges below, we would draw on the partnership between WLH Learning Solutions & WLH Consulting to deliver the solution best suited for your organization.

Taking leadership development to the next level

How can you take your management and leadership development efforts to the next level? Like many organizations, you may be pouring money into leadership development efforts but not seeing the desired results.  Continued commitment and investment is needed to achieve competitive advantage. Before adopting another leadership fad, take time to evaluate what’s working, what’s needed, and what leadership behaviors and strategies will make the difference in your organization.

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Defining leadership capabilities

Are your managers equipped to lead in a rapidly evolving healthcare marketplace?  In today’s complex environment, managers need sophisticated leadership skills to guide and inspire their organizations through ambiguity and complexity well into the future.  While some organizations define specific capabilities, others may have too many or none at all.  Many are relying on generic leadership models versus those that are more specific to the pharmaceutical industry.  In either case, leadership behaviors need to be clearly defined and updated to meet the challenges of the future.  We bring diagnostic skills and deep expertise to enhance your leadership development approach.

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Developing Emerging Leaders

What are you doing to identify and develop your emerging leaders?  If you are buying talent to fill vacancies, especially for front-line sales managers, perhaps your field development efforts are not up-to-date or effective.   Work with a consulting firm who understands how to identify and develop talent from within.  Look for ways to ensure foundational leadership skills are developed early to ensure a robust pipeline of ready-now candidates.

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Building first-line manager capabilities

Your first line managers shoulder the responsibility to coach and develop talent while ensuring their work leads to results.  Many, even the most tenured first line managers (FLM), need support to develop their leadership capabilities.  Failing to provide ongoing support and updated leadership curricula leads to poor results, loss of employee engagement and talent, and a sluggish talent pipeline.  Regularly reviewing and updating a FLM curricula provides an opportunity to develop talent across the organization.

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Retaining talent

Losing top talent is painful and expensive. Why invest so much time, energy, and resources hiring and developing talent only for your stars to voluntarily leave? The retention of high performing talent cannot be left to chance especially when labor markets tighten and the war for talent intensifies.

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